Important Phone Numbers

Principal: Dr. Kimberly Licato, 767-5250,

School Nurse: Ms. Ort, 767-5260

Attendance Only Messages: 767- 5261

Psychologists: Dr. Gia Campagna, 767-5264 and Dr. Victoria Bucci, 767-5265

Librarian: Mrs. Mody, 767-5270

Guidance Counselor: Ms. Alkan, 767-5268

Main Office: 767-5250


School Hours 2023-2024

8:20 AM- 2:35PM

Drop Off

  • There is no student supervision before 8:00 am; therefore, students may not be dropped off prior to 8:00 am.
  • We expect all children to be in school no later than 8:20 am so instruction can begin promptly.
  • Any child arriving to school after 8:25 am will be marked LATE.

Lunch Schedule

  11:20-12:20     Students in grades 1, 2 and 3

12:30-1:30       Students in K, 4 and 5


Lunch bags/boxes should be labeled; no glass jars or containers please.



Visitors are asked to use the side parking lot and to park near the FENCE.  PARKING IN THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING IS RESERVED, AT ALL TIMES DURING SCHOOL HOURS, FOR STAFF ONLY. After 8:40 am visitors may also park along the side of the building.



School security and student safety are of utmost importance. Visitors must report to the security vestibule in the lobby, leave a photo ID, sign in and obtain a visitor's pass.



If you have any concerns with respect to school, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher by sending an email, leaving a message with office personnel, or writing a note. No phone calls to the classrooms during school hours are permitted. If you feel it necessary to contact Dr. Licato regarding your child, we ask that you adhere to professional courtesy and speak to your child's teacher first.



Parents picking up children prior to 2:35 pm must sign in at the security desk in the lobby, where you will SIGN OUT your child no later than 2:15 pm.


Please call the school prior to 1:30 pm if your child is being picked up early.   No calls will be taken for changes in dismissal after 2:00 pm, except for emergencies.   


If your child’s normal dismissal routine is changing at any time during the school year, a note to the teacher is required to be sent that morning.  Students report to the walker areas around 2:35 pm where he/she must be signed out before being released.  If he/she is not picked up prior to 2:50 pm, your child will be brought to the Main Office.   


If your child is a walker, please advise the teacher in writing in the beginning of the school year giving him/her permission to walk home alone each day.  Walkers/parent pick up students will be dismissed through the gymnasium exit. 


Children are discouraged from re-entering the building after dismissal.  We ask parents to respect the building policy that no child is permitted back into any classroom after 3:00 pm, as there is an after-school program that uses our building after 3:00 pm and classrooms are locked and/or being cleaned.




There will undoubtedly be delays the first week of school.  Please be patient and be at the bus stop a few minutes early.  Children who qualify for bus service are permitted to ride their assigned school bus ONLY.  Do not ask the school to allow your child to ride on a friend's bus after school -- this is against school district policy.  (This does not pertain to the district After School Programs.) 

Please make your own pick-up arrangements for these special situations.  Questions should be addressed to the Transportation Office directly at 767-5681.



The primary purposes of homework are to reinforce skills and/or content being taught in class, to allow students to do independent research, and to pursue projects which do not lend themselves to a classroom setting. Homework is considered a necessary part of the learning process and a legitimate demand on the non-class time of students. Your child's teacher will discuss homework policy at Open House.



Absent and Late Calls

All calls are to be called in directly to the attendance office number (767- 5261) before 9:00 am, where you will be instructed to leave a message. Please be sure absent and late notes are sent to school when your child returns, explaining the reason for the absence or the late arrival – these notes are required by New York State.


Identification of Clothing and Belongings

Please mark all outer garments with an identifying label or marking pen. Instruments, notebooks, pencil cases, eyeglass cases, boots, lunch boxes, etc. should also be labeled. Throughout the school year parents are welcome to come after school to search our RED "Lost & Found" box in the cafetorium.


Physical Exams

For all new students, kindergarteners, first, third and fifth graders, physical exams are required. Physical and immunization forms need to be returned to the nurse's office immediately. Questions should be addressed to the nurse, Ms. Cathy Ort at 767-5260. Forms are available in the school office during the summer.


Emergency Contact Information

This form will be sent home to you.  Kindergarten parents were to have submitted this information to the nurse prior to the opening of school. Please notify us of changes in your emergency contact information immediately (516-767-5261).



Sid Jacobson JCC After School Program

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